Mental Health and Addictions

The counsellors have a dynamic approach to teaching skills using a clinical and traditional holistic approach, this keeps programming fresh, easy to retain, and fun to learn. As mental health agents in our community we love learning new things ourselves, so as teachers we are developing regularly as well. We have day programming available in some of these topics.

  • Anger Management
  • Co-Dependency
  • Coping with dysfunctional settings (family, work, community, etc.)
  • Residential School Impact & Trauma
  • Healthy Lifestyle choices
  • Traditional Holistic Healing alternatives
  • Domestic Violence
  • Loss and Grieving
  • Communication skills
  • Coping Skills Development
  • Healthy Nutrition & Physical Activity
  • First Nation Culture Teachings (Healing Circles, Ceremony educate, events. Medicine education,etc.)

Counsellors will utilize a variety of therapeutic approaches (traditional healing, and modern clinical based)

Also, we have one on one counselling options, individual case management, client assessments, and internal or external referral options. As Paawidigong Mental Health and Addiction counsellors, Our life passion is helping those in need and we take great pride in offering skills that can help enhance yourself as and individual and as an important member of the community.