Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy Programs

Aboriginal Health Planning Authority (AHPA)

The Aboriginal Health Planning Authority program is responsible for planning related to community, regional, secondary and tertiary health services necessary to support the implementation of the Aboriginal Healing and Wellness Strategy (AHWS).

Community Wellness Worker Program (CWW)

The Community Wellness Worker program provides family violence services, referrals, support and case management to clients to address and respond to existing and emerging health, healing and wellness issues or violent situations. These community based workers also provide prevention/awareness activities as well as liaise and networking with other health and social service agencies. Each affiliated First Nation has one full time community based worker with PFNF providing off site supervision and support.

Community Development Support Worker Program (CDSW)

The Community Development Support worker program is responsible to develop or enhance skills and capacity for the CWW program to achieve desired outcomes. It also provides direct assistance with program planning and reporting as well as supports the implementation and management of AHWS funded programs.


Coordination and implementation of training requirements for Community Wellness Workers as identified.

Aboriginal Healthy Babies/Healthy Children (AHB/HC)

The AHB/HC program is a prevention and early intervention strategy of services for families with children from prenatal to six (6) years of age. The heart of the AHB/HC programming is preparation for parenting (preconception component), getting ready for the birth of baby (prenatal care), and taking care of the baby (postnatal care). Each First Nation has either a ¼ to a full time position at the community level with PFNF providing off site supervision and support.